Google Will Now Block Abusive Ads On Websites With Chrome 71 Update

We all know the internet is filled with a lot of abusive contents and the tech giant, of course, Google has been trying to improve user experience on websites. In September, Google introduced an AI-based API to reduce child sexual abuse material on the internet and now the tech giant is taking a step further by blocking abusive ads from popping up in it next Chrome update (Chrome 71).

Google Chrome 71 will come with more security features

“In November 2017, Google introduced protections in Chrome against so-called “trick to click” links which attempted to redirect web visitors to sites they didn’t intend to visit, to make money from ads or steal identities” DigitalTrends.

With the Chrome anniversary update, a lot of new features arrived on Chrome, from UI development to personalization and improved security. Already, the Chrome browser uses tools like pop-up blockers and autoplay protection to improve to give users a better browsing experience, however, Google is taking users security more serious in the next update.

Chrome 71 will improve user experience via blocking all kinds of misleading and intrusive advertising, or what Google calls “abusive experiences.” These include:

  • Fake messages
  • Unexpected click areas
  • Misleading site behavior
  • Phishing
  • Auto redirect
  • Mouse pointer
  • Malware or unwanted Software
  • Ads with missing or misleading branding

Google will block sites with false ads

According to the tech giant, sites that serve misleading ads will be blacklisted and after the site is added to the blacklist, the site owners will be given a period of 30-days to remove all malicious contents that have been reported under the abusive experience from the website. If the website owner fails to do this, Google will automatically remove all the ads on the site.

Chrome 71 will be released next month and aside from the security changes, it’ll come with other improvements as well.

With this movement, internet subscribers will now get a better browsing experience.

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