Google will start charging Android device makers a fee for using its apps

Android Is No Longer Free

We all know the tech giant Google has been facing some serious challenges with the Europian union commision these past few months and this has raised another issue in the Android community. Back in July 2018, the tech giant received a huge fine of $5.04 Billion from the EU, just after the news broke out, Google’s CEO came out to say Android may no longer be free for everyone due to this fine imposed by the EU commision.

As a result of the imposed fine, the tech giant has now announced that in Europe, Android manufacturers will start paying to use Google applications. This is a major change from the tech giant Google and it is accompanied by a set of obligations which Google must now follow, which aim to end the support domain of the tech giant Google’s apps within Android.

What will change is the availability of Google apps, especially Search and Chrome, which have an associated value to use. This value will be charged to manufacturers and will only be charged to the European Economic Area.

As the tech giant Google is concerned that Android will continue to be free and will not charge anything for its use, just being charged the installation of its apps and the Play Store. However, the amount that will be charged by the tech giant Google has not been revealed yet.

Thus, manufacturers have the possibility to create devices based on Android, but that will use other stores of apps or those of Google, knowing, however, that for the latter there will be an associated value.

This is the way that the tech giant Google has found to be able to comply with the European Union’s demands and thus to end the (supposed) monopoly that it is generating.

This new rule will take effect on October 29 and, for now, it is not known the amount that the tech giant Google will charge each manufacturer as we told earlier.

A representative of the European Commission has already commented on this decision and said that the tech giant Google is not required to charge for the use of its services and that it would only have to allow manufacturers to use Android without their apps and services.

For manufacturers, and as expected, it’s simpler to build equipment with other stores and other apps, rather than being forced to use those from the tech giant Google, something that was an imposition so far. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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