Google’s App Maker Will Let You Build Apps Without Coding

We all know there are a number of drag-and-drop app builder aimed at creating custom apps with zero coding experience for small businesses. Recently, search giant Google just launched App Maker, a new G Suite tool for it Business and Enterprise customers which is basically focused on enabling them to create applications according to their needs.

Google’s App Maker Will Let You Build Apps Without Coding

According to the search giant, this low-code development environment aims to make it easy for teams to “speed up workflows and make processes better,”. With this new tool, any company and organization can simply start to create their own applications including educational and it can even serve as a curricular tool for them.

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The tool can save each employee 7.5 hours per week, which is more than a week’s lunch breaks as per company’s estimates.

App Maker was launched at the end of November 2016, and until now the tool has been in a beta state; now every developer(G suit customers) can give it a try and create applications with ease. However, to access this tool, one needs to be on G Suite Business or Enterprise subscription; it’ll also be available to G Suite for Education customers.

Since its initial release, search giant Google has added new features and improvements to App Maker. It now offers inbuilt support for Cloud SQL and other Database models. However, there is no compatibility with third-party data sources at this time.

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Developers can also connect App Maker to 40 of Google’s services and make their apps more powerful. The tech giant Google also reveals that App Maker is flexible enough to be as useful for large companies as it is for schools and universities. It goes without saying that G Suite admins will have a complete control over app users, metrics, OAuth permissions, etc.

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