Google’s Recommendation On How To Save Battery Life

Here’s a great tip on how to save your battery life according to google.

Pay attention if you don’t use the big battery phones like Pouvoir 2 and to an extent the Samsung S9 Plus. Even with these devices that have impressive batteries, you might still have to recharge multiple times per day. If you have always wanted to reduce power consumption at any slight opportunity this might just be another good tip.

Google, the developers of Android Operation System has come out with the outcome of their research on Smartphone batteries. At the Android Dev Submit 2018, Google said that dark mode on your Android device saves up huge chunks of battery life. Google displayed how a Pixel’s (2016 model) normal high brightness mode affects the battery, in comparison to the device during “Dark Mode”.

Google Battery 4

While presenting different slides, you will notice how the max brightness of the dark mode consumes the least power as opposed to how it consumes power with other colors like red, green, blue, white.

In the same presentation, Google didn’t do much to hide that the white mode is “less than ideal” as it was proven to consume an exorbitant amount of power.

Google Battery 1

You can see marginal differences between the dark mode and the conventional white background. It will be wise to take advantage. Meaning that if there’s a dark mode or theme available for any app, you should prefer the dark mode.

You should start by installing individual Apps that has dark mode feature, replacing the substitute. Apps include YouTube, Twitter, Telegram and many others even though we still expect the feature on more Apps including WhatsApp. Android Pie 9.0 has a dark mode feature for itself when its App explorer can go all dark. All these are still in the developing stages and would definitely see more improvements.

Now we have more reasons to pick the dark mode. Asides from the beauty it brings, the ease on the eye, it also saves battery. So, why not the dark mode, if not?

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