Google’s Stadia Will Let You Play High-End Games Without Installation

Google’s Stadia Is “Netflix For Games”

The search giant, Google has unveiled a game streaming service called Stadia. The new games streaming service will allow you to play just any game on the cloud but it will require a very fast and reliable internet connection to work to deliver the best contents.

Google announced the new gaming project at the company’s keynote at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. With Stadia, you will not need to purchase expensive hardware, you’ll be able to stream triple-A games right from your TV, laptop or smartphone via Chrome browser.

Google Stadia

One of the coolest feature Stadia brings is the ability to launch games instantly without lengthy downloads and installation, so you don’t need to worry over getting a powerful PC/laptop to play latest games. You can simply play on any screen you like and if you find yourself in a situation where someone else needs to use your TV or laptop for other things, you can simply pick up the game from the exact point you left it on your phone and vice-versa just like you do with TV shows on Netflix.

Google Stadia will let users stream games in 4K, 60FPS, and HDR over 25Mbps internet connection.

Although the new gaming streaming service is great, users may not be able to play anywhere anytime due to slow internet connection in some areas and also players will not be able to apply game mods to adjust game settings since players will no longer have access to the code that runs their games, so, making changes to it will be impossible.

All the image processing and connections will be handled through its Google’s data centres running on Google-owned fibre optic cable.

Google Stardia

Following the announcement of Stadia, Google also introduced a game controller specially designed for a full Stadia experience. The Stadia Controller will connect to games via Wi-Fi. The controller comes with a capture button and Google Assistant button. However, you can still play games with existing USB controllers as well.

This is a very big development from the search giant at the same time, the question “how will the life of gaming console turn out in future” keeps ringing in my head.

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