How Guerilla Marketing Affects Digital and Traditional Media?

In today’s age of technology, there are so many ways big companies can promote their brands. However, they always seem to be looking for new ways to gain more exposure. And this is what guerilla marketing is all about. But what kind of effect does this type of marketing has on digital and traditional media? Read on to find out.

Defining guerilla marketing

In order to discuss the topic of guerilla marketing we first need to define it. The term “guerilla” comes from Spanish word “la Guerra” which means war and it’s used to refer to a type of ambush that allows you to defeat your opponent with surprising underground methods.

Therefore, guerilla marketing includes promoting your business in by using cheap and simple methods that can catch consumers by surprise. What’s so great about guerilla marketing in the modern age is that it can help you create a lot of buzz on across digital and traditional media, which is always a good thing.

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The aims of guerilla marketing

When using the internet or watching TV, there’s just so many ads you come across and you probably ignore most of these. This is especially the case with things like popups and banners.

However, with guerilla marketing, the goal is to put your brand into the spotlight by using a precise “hit and run” action that simply can’t be ignored. Such actions can help you stand out from the loads of other conventional ads out there and remain in consumers’ memory.

Moreover, an effective guerilla marketing campaign should help you strengthen your brand through positive association.

Guerilla marketing and social media

With guerilla marketing being unconventional, surprising and full of energy, it can easily be accomplished on popular social media platforms. Just take a look at Facebook or Instagram and you’ll see loads of guerilla marketing videos that went viral.

On top of this, as a result of guerilla marketing, there are more and more social media marketing campaigns with unorthodox scripts. It’s also important to mention that most of these campaigns have been specifically designed to get the audience involved as muchmas possible.

Guerilla Marketing

Achieving viral effect

The key to good guerilla advertising is a creative visualization of a concept. This means that if you want your guerilla marketing efforts to be a success, you need to come up with eye-catching ads and place them in public places and internet platforms where people will be confronted by your content.

Just bear in mind that you need to design content that consumers will want to tell others about. If you decide to go for traditional media, turning to experts in traditional media monitoring will turn out to be a great idea. That way, you’ll be able to figure out which aspects of your guerilla marketing campaign you need to focus on.

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Examples of guerilla marketing

There are no standard methods when it comes to guerilla marketing. Almost every type of advert on digital and traditional media that catches consumers by surprise and helps you increase your visibility can be classified as guerilla marketing.

Over the last decade, more and more companies have come up with unusual ways to bring their brands closer to consumers. For example, Coca-Cola launched its famous “Papertweetos” campaign using Twitter while T-Mobile combined a flash mob and humor to make a viral video promoting their brand.

It’s safe to say that guerilla marketing is starting to play a more significant role in today’s world of business. If you’re running your own company, starting to implement this kind of marketing really is a no-brainer, no matter whether you’re advertising on digital or traditional media.

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