How Long Does it Take to Run a Background Check on Your New Hire?

It is not uncommon for your ancestors to stay in their jobs their whole lives. They take pride in what they do, and they manage to give their families comfortable lives. The concept of company loyalty is in the process of becoming a thing of the past.

For instance, the Millennial Survey by Deloitte revealed that almost half of Millennials would quit their jobs within two years. It can be backbreaking for small companies to hire and rehire for the same position within a short period. Hiring another employee costs an estimated 4,000 USD; imagine doing that every so often!

The background screening software shows you how frequently an applicant bounces from one job to the other.

Here is the data that portrays the significance of a background screening software app:

  1. Crimes in the workplace lead to companies losing about 50 billion USD annually.
  2. Filling a vacant position costs about 40% of the new employee’s salary.
  3. Around 50% of employees have admitted to stealing objects or things owned by the company.
  4. About 75% of workers steal at least once in their lifetime.
  5. One out of every six job applicants misrepresents himself in his resume.

When you talk about employee theft, stealing money alone is not a serious offence. When they take staplers, ball pens, or bond papers without permission, that act is also considered to be stealing.

What is Included in a Background Check?

As the name implies, a background screening software scours the web for all the information about the candidate. The software can calibrate the search according to the needs of the employer.

The information that will be checked include:

  1. Credit history
  2. Criminal history
  3. Motor vehicle check
  4. License record
  5. Educational background

How Long Does a Background Check Last?

If you visit Human Resources websites, the answer to the above question depends on what type of information you need. On average, it takes less than five business days for you to get the report. Some of the information, such as the criminal record search, can be so obscure that it may result in delays. For instance, it was long ago that a computer check needed further verification. The report may also be delayed depending on how responsive the source is, or whether you made the request during long holidays or weekends.

The background screening software takes less time than that. The app scours the web from thousands of databases, including social media. As you know, everybody has a digital footprint somewhere. If a candidate has lied about his educational background on his resume, you can easily verify the information. If he has been booked for a DUI misdemeanor, you are most likely to find that report.

In essence, the software gives you a glimpse of the truth about the applicant – even his political and religious beliefs. You can find out his most embarrassing secrets. While you do not really hold a drunk photo posted when he was young against him, it is something to consider. An applicant always puts his best foot forward. The screening software brings to light the things that might have been hidden.

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