How To Activate 100% Data Bonus On MTN

The best offers from service providers in Nigeria so far is the 100% data bonus. The Grandmaster of data Glo offered this bonus to its subscribers, Airtel did too and so did MTN, but, this offer only lasted six months to all eligible subscribers. Wait!, Did I not mention 9mobile? They haven’t given such offer and probably won’t.???? That was a joke. We’ll be talking about how to activate 100% data bonus on MTN.

The 100% data bonus on MTN is nothing new as most of us are familiar with MTN double data bonus. It is one of the oldest MTN data offers, which we get by tweaking our Android device IMEI number and a lot of people have benefited from it. I didn’t believe when I learnt some guys are still enjoying the offer up till now until I try on my MTN Sims and luckily one worked without Imei tweaking

How to Activate 100% data bonus on MTN without Tweaking your Android IMEI.

This means that everybody can benefit from this new MTN 100% data offer. Those using phones that are very stubborn to tweak and those having the fear of bricking/losing their phone warrant when changed the original IMEI can benefit from this offer. Blackberry, Windows Phone, and iOS users can as well benefit from this new offer.

To benefit from this new 100% data offer, the process won’t require you having an MTK device, rooted device neither downloads MTK engineering mode. All you need is sending a particular USSD code. Follow the steps below to get it done

Steps to Activate New MTN Double Data Offer Without Changing IMEI

To activate 100% data bonus on MTN sim is simple. Simply launch your SMS app and execute the below message;

Text DOUBLE to 131, PROMO to 131 and FREE to 131

Once you’ve sent the above message, you’ll receive three messages from MTN as below.

First message: “Your request has been received”

Second message: “You have sent an invalid command”

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Third message: “Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#”

The third message is the most important, it determines whether your Sim has been activated for the offer or not. If you didn’t receive the third message, try again.

If you encountered zero error, you can then purchase any data plan of your choice by dialling the USSD *131*1# and enjoy your 100% double data bonus.

NOTE: If you received any message contrary to the third message above, and you retry, still you did not receive the third message, well bro, it means Your SIM is not eligible because it’s for selected SIMs, so don’t try subscribing to any plan with the hope of getting the double data bonus, you’re only dashing out your money ????.

To be sure you’re now on the MTN double data bonus, first try buying a cheap subscription plan like 100 first and if it works for you, then you can purchase the monthly bundle and others.

How to Check Your Data And Bonus

Checking your data balance is another way of making sure you’re on the 100% data bonus because your main data and bonus data are shown. So to check, simply text 2 to 131 and you’ll receive a message containing your data info.

if this works for you, kindly drop a comment and don’t forget to share the post with friends. Enjoy

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