How to Convert Emulated Storage to Non Emulated in Custom ROMs

Hey guys, in this guide you’ll learn how to convert emulated storage to non emulated in custom ROMs.

For some Android users, especially gamers who have an emulated Android storage and cannot use SDcard as default storage, I have decided to share this guide.

As a result of low emulated storage, most Android users cannot install their favourite apps and games. That’s not just the sad part, also when your storage gets full, you’ll begin to notice drops in your device performance.

But wait, what is an emulated storage and non emulated storage in an Android device?


What is Emulated Storage in Android?

Android smartphone with Emulated storage are those who uses their device internal storage as default for storing files, games, data, downloads, APK and obb.

What is Non Emulated Storage in Android?

A Non emulated storage device is simply the reverse of emulated storage. In other words, they are devices that use micro sdcards as the default for files, data, downloads, obb data but not apks.

Now we know what emulated and non emulated storage is. So, let’s dive into the main topic.

How to Convert Emulated Storage to Non Emulated in Custom ROMs

The process in the guide ahead works on Marshmallow and Nougat ROMs.

Setting your SD card as default storage gives you room to install more device on your Smartphone unlike having your internal storage as default

A big credit goes to Samuel Osas, an Android enthusiast who made a patch for emulated storage users to convert their emulated storage into non-emulated and with a sdcard card as default storage.


  • NotePAD++
  • The Emulated storage ROM boot.img
  • Boot.img Unpack and repack tool
  • 7zip or Winrar

Steps to Convert Emulated Storage to Non Emulated in Custom ROMs

  1. unpack your boot.img
  2. Download MT6572 fstab file from below link.
  3. Rename mt6572 fstab file to your SOC ( rename mt6572 to mt6582/mt6592)
  4. Replace the fstab file with the one given in the link below.
  5. Repack your boot.img then flash it on your device.
  6. Now perform a factory reset.
  7. Once reset is complete, boot your ROM.
  8. After your ROM boots, reboot to recovery and flash storage fix.

That’s it, now you’ll find your storage like the one in the screenshot below.

Fstab file download link.

Non emulated storage patch (to be flashed)

Important notice:

After flashing the non emulated patch zip file, your internal storage won’t be available for use. However, all apps (apk) will be installed on your internal storage and data will be stored in /data.

On the other hand, if you want to reverse back to emulated (use internal storage for apps and data), use the following process.

Steps to Convert Non emulated storage to Emulated Storage

  1. Unpack your Boot.img as you have done earlier
  2. Copy and Past Fixed Fstab by SaMad SegMane in the link and rename mt6572 to device SoC (mt6582 or mt6592)
  3. Repack the Boot.img And Flash
  4. Now, flash Storage patch in the link below
  5. Reboot your device and Enjoy

That’s it. Now i guess you’ve learnt how to convert emulated storage to non emulated in custom ROMs and vice versa.


Samuel Osas
Androíd GH (for idea)
SaMad SegMane(for his emulated patch)
Manjunath Yashu
Rock Bhaskar RB
Melek Saidani
Swapnil S
All devs behind M and N ROMs

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