How To Enable Facebook App Dark Mode On Mobile (iOS & Android)

Dark mode is no longer a new change in the tech space, its already a tradition many people are used to. Many sites and apps today have longed introduced this features to their users, however, its still quite surprising to think that the social media and marketing giant will be adopting this feature for its app late when the majority of players are already on to something even greater for their platforms.

Don’t be mistaken though, Facebook already rolled out the Dark Mode feature for other major apps such as Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web, Facebook Lite and some other products under the Facebook umbrella. Its Parent app, however, has only rolled out the dark mode feature to the ‘watch section’ and now testing the full dark mode feature for Android and iOS platforms and rolling out gradually to users in a hierarchy.

The dark mode feature as we know is one of the most anticipated features on Facebook, not only does it make your device look good when activated, it also put fewer strains on your eyes and helps you read better at night. So, if you’re a Facebook user and have always wanted to try the feature on your device, read the simple step by step guide below to activate dark mode on your Facebook app for Android and iOS.

How to activate dark mode on Facebook App for Android and iOS

In the past, I’ve written simple guides to activate dark mode on Facebook for web and Facebook lite, now you’ll learn how to activate the feature on the main Facebook app. The process is straight forward, all you have to do is:

  1. Update your Facebook app to the latest version (Android and iOS)
  2. Now, launch your Facebook app on your device
  3. Next, tap on the hamburger menu in the app (that is the three horizontal line at the top right corner of the app also often referred to as the options menu by some users)How to activate Facebook App dark mode on Android and iOS
  4. Scroll down to the settings and privacy segment of the settings, here you’ll find options like settings, privacy shortcut, your time on Facebook, app language and of course the dark mode option.
  5. Tap on the dark mode option, you’ll see three option on the next screen – ON, OFF and SYSTEM (to allow the app to follow your device display option set from your settings)How to activate Facebook App dark mode on Android and iOS
  6. If you’re already running Android 10 which supports system-wide dark mode and have the option activated, the Facebook app will automatically adapt to your device display mode. Otherwise, tap on the ON button to activate the option.
  7. That will enable dark mode across every part of the Facebook mobile app for Android and iOS.

That’s all, you’re done. This is how you can enable Facebook App dark mode for Android and iOS. I hope this article has helped you! don’t forget to share it with friends.

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