Enhance Your Android Audio Quality With AM3D Zirene Sound (ROOT)

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AM3D Zirene Sound provides an ideal 3D audio in headphones by encapsulating a numerous variety of feature required to replicate multiple sound sources in a dynamic and real 3D audio space. It enhances stereo as well as multi-channel music and also, Zirene3D makes it possible for mobile gaming sound to come alive in 3D. It improves the sound of movies remarkably and also enhances audio quality on mobile phones. Read more about AM3D on www.am3d.com

With AM3D Zirene Sound, you get to;

  1. Watch movie content on your mobile device with an immersive and dramatic cinematic audio experience – and be able to actually understand the voice dialog
  2. Experience your smartphone or tablet playing deep bass and crisp treble, while produc-ing a loudness level you thought was impossible
  3. Get the ultimate gaming experience using headphones with an intense sense of pres-ence and game effects

The software is easily integrated to operating systems, apps or chipset-platforms.


How to get AM3D Zirene sound on Android

Disclaimer: Before flashing this MOD on your device, make sure you take a rom backup just in case anything goes wrong. This Site or it Authors will not be responsible for any damages inflicted on your device while flashing this MOD.

To get AM3D sound system on your Android you need to be rooted and have a custom Recovery installed. If you have that already then;

  • Download AM3D zip file from the given link below
  • Power off your device and boot into recovery mode
  • In recovery mode, tap on the install option and select the zip file you downloaded
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to flash after selecting the zip file
  • Once installation is complete, reboot your device.


  • INFINIX users
  • Mudathir olaniyi for testing

AM3D Zirene Sound Download


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