How to fix and resume a download error in Opera mini


While flexing airtel social bundle awoof, I noticed some friends who needed to download files as much as 100mb+ were falling into a download error trap just at the edge of completion. I shared a trick with them and I will do the same with you guys tonight.

How to fix and resume a download error in Opera miniHow to fix and resume a download error in Operamini

1. First of all, try to download a large file (more than 10 MB) like movies or software or wait it to fail it. And don’t click on Retry.
2. Now, Launch ES file explorer or any other explorer [actually most Android devices don’t necessarily need a root Explorer to perform this task] and then Navigate to the location of the interrupted file (where Opera mini stores the downloadable files) it’s ‘download’ folder by default. And then Rename the file whatever you like.

How to fix and resume a download error in Operamini

For example, The file (mobile uncle.Apk) which is interrupted should be renamed as an Old mobile uncle. Apk or any new word just to ensure that there would not be a duplicate issue when you are downloading again.
3. Now, go again to Opera mini and then click on Retry or restart, better still you can download the same file from the same source. And, then wait until it shows 0.1 MB downloaded.
4. Now Pause the download.
5. Now, again launch file explorer and navigate to the path of download files (step 2). And, there you will see two files. The first one which you have renamed as the old mobile uncle.Apk and second one as the mobile uncle.Apk
6. Delete the mobile uncle. Apk [the new download that was paused] and
7. rename the Original file i.e.
Old mobile uncle.Apk to mobile uncle.Apk .
8. Now again, go back to Opera Mini and then resume.
That’s its 🙂

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