How To Fix Battery Drain On MIUI 11 For All Xiaomi Devices

For some days now, many Xiaomi phone users have reported excessive battery drain after updating their device to the latest MIUI 11 based on Android 9 Pie OS.

Battery drain can be caused by a number of things in smartphones, just recently WhatsApp was reportedly drawing battery for some smartphone users, this tells us that even apps that we install may cause battery drain and many other factors.

Having a smartphone with a good battery strength is cool but seeing the battery drop drastically without heavy usage can give you a headache, just like what the recent MIUI 11 update is giving some xiaomi users.

Users have expressed their displeasure with the MIUI 11 update as it drains up their battery life very fast. According to a user on MI forum, “I’ve got Serious battery drain on Redmi note 4 running Miui 11 for 5 days now, it’s draining very fast”

Another Reddit users says “This literally happened to me today and I was quite disappointed with the result. I charged throughout the morning and to my surprise, it lost roughly 12% in 2 hours of idle. Absolutely unacceptable”.

Even a Techzbyte group member reported that MIUI 11 is draining her battery fast after she updated.

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While the reason for the excessive battery drain is still unclear and no official statement from Xiaomi on the issue. Some users have taking time to see what could possibly be wrong with the update and some noted that MIUI 11 is enabling autostart by default for all apps (probably because MIUI had notification delivery troubles in the past).

Auto start on all apps simple means once your phone is booted, all apps and service will begin to run in background, whether you use it or not. This can drain the device at the same time reduce the performance.

How to Fix MIUI 11 Battery Drain Issue

To fix MIUI 11 excess battery drain issue, you need to disble auto start on all apps and maybe keep the ones you’d like to auto start, like WhatsApp etc.

First Method

  • First off, go to your phone Settings
  • Locate Apps and tap on Manage Apps
  • Now, click on Permissions, then Autostart.
  • Toggle auto start to off for apps you don’t want to auto start.
  • Deactivating auto start will put all your apps into sleep mode, meaning no apps or app services that you’re not using will run in background.

Second Method

Some users claimed that re-downloading the update and re-installing it fixed the issue for them. So, how to redownload MIUI 11 update and fix battery drain issues;

  • Go to the software updater segment
  • You will see three points above each other click on it
  • Choose “download the latest package
  • Once download is complete, click on “choose update package” and choose the package that you download then the update will start installing.

Are you facing the rapid battery drain issue on MIUI? Did any of the method above help you fix your device? Share with us in the comment section below.

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