How To Get MIUI 12 Control Center On Any Android Device

MIUI 12 update brought great UI changes and a lot of interesting new features like App behaviour record, gesture navigation, super wallpaper, revamp control center and many more for Xiaomi phones. Just like we can now use the MIUI 12 super Wallpaper on any Android smartphone, the new MIUI 12 control center can now be used on any smartphone all thanks to developer Treydev. Continue reading to get MIUI 12 control center on any Android smartphone.

MIUI 12 is gradually rolling out to eligible devices and while many Xiaomi phone owners are still on the MIUI 11 OS, you can enjoy some of the new MIUI 12 features on your device right now. Just before we dive into the details, you may also be interested in installing Android 11 on your Xiaomi phone, if yes, see my previous article on that.

If you’ve already seen what the MIUI 12 control center looks like, you can tell that the design was inspired by the iOS control center or maybe I should just say Xiaomi copied the iOS control center which isn’t really something new in smartphone space. We’ve seen phone maker copy features from one another and its not such a bad idea if your fans love it.

Without any further stories, lets dive into how to get the MIUI 12 control center on any Xiaomi or Android devices.

How to get MIUI 12 Control Center on any Android device?

For this guide, we’ll be installing a third-party app called Mi Control Center. The app bring all the MIUI 12 control features to any Xiaomi or Android phone and interestingly, it offer even more features compared to the stock control center.

Mi Control Center App Features

MIUI 12 Control Center App
Mi Control Center App

The Mi Control Center App is still in beta and yet to launch in the Google PlayStore but offer a handful of features for free and some other feature needs to unlocked by purchasing the premium version once it arrives on PlayStore.

Once you download and install, you’ll be required to grant a few permission to the app to work seamlessly. You can play around the app and tweak the control center UI with its customization options and more. If you have a Xiaomi device, this is one of the best ways to get MIUI 12 features on your device before the update gets to you.

Like i said, it can be installed and used on any Android device, not just Xiaomi devices. What do you think of the new MIUI 12 Control Center App? Is it something you want to try on your device and if you installed the app, let us know your take on it. Cheers

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