How to hack a trial version software and use for a lifetime

Hey guys, in this guide you’ll learn how to hack a trial version software and use for a life.

Thousands of software are being developed in this computer world, Most of these softwares are used in our desktops and laptops to hasten our activities in our field of work and our personal lives. Most of these software comes for free, some are open source and also some are paid for.

Trial version softwares are those softwares that gives you a period of time to enjoy the software and hence, requires money so that you can have the full software access without restrictions. At most 30-60 day trial  is given.

But, do you know? you can actually use these free trial version software for free without paying a penny to any organization. Continue to reading the steps below and discover how you can use trial version software for a lifetime.


How to hack a trial version software and use for a lifetime

We’ll be making use of a software named ‘RunAsDate’ in this article to explain how you can hack any trial version software out there. RunAsDate allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify.

1. Firstly you need to download the RunAsDate tool from HERE(32bit/64).

2. Now, install any software with a trial of your choice on your computer, run the trial software and note down the date of installation.

How to hack a trial version software and use for a lifetime
3. Launch the RunAsDate tool and input the  date and time of the installation of the trial software.

4. After exceeding the trial version date, do not directly launch the software anymore.

5. Now, launch the tool and create a shortcut of the software using the tool or anytime you want to run the trial software, right click run as and then select RunAsDate there.

That’s it, now the trial date will get injected to that software by this tool and you can access the software as long as you want.

Important notice: Whenever ever you want to use any trial version software, either you run it through the shortcut created in the above tool or use the run as. Otherwise, this trick will not work.

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If you’ve followed the above steps correctly, then everything should work fine for you. Kindly share with your friends if you find this article useful. Thanks


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