Htc U12- The second squeezable phone could be set for launch

After the launch of Htc’s U11, Htc might be set for the release of a follow-up Htc U12. The Htc U11 launched with so many amazing features but the most notable was the Sense Edge which allows users to launch quick shortcuts when they squeeze the device on the side.

Htc U12- The second squeezable phone could be set for launch

According to L1abtoofer in a specs leak, Htc might be set to release another flagship expected to be called the Htc U12. With so many stunning features compiled in this leak, Htc looks set for a very big come-back.

A come-back that could just push them to compete and rival other brands doing business at the highest level once again. The side-squeezing was a first on the U11 but was later adopted by google pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL after Google reportedly acquired some Htc staffs.

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A potential threat to iPhone and Samsung

With Edge sense 2.0 on the list, this points at an upgrade on the Htc U11 definitely. The feature helps to launch quick shortcuts, turns on the flashlight and so on.

Htc Face unlocks also emphasizes the fact that Htc is coming out strong, giving us something that will compare to iPhone’s face ID. This may also draw a comparison with devices with similar features like the Samsung S9 and iPhone X.

This device should come with the newest Snapdragon 845 and is also said to be IP68 certified for water resistance with 5.99 inches which seems to be on par with Samsung S9 and S9+. 256GB ROM, 6GB RAM, dual rear camera, great audio support and so on. This promises to be a great one even though these leaks are not official yet.

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