Huawei Launches Google Map Alternative, Here WeGo Map

Since the US Huawei ban, Huawei has continuously been developing its mobile service so as to provide great software functionality on its devices. Huawei has already launched some popular Google apps alternatives for its devices which seems to be a brave move, the likes of Google Playstore, Google App, Google Assistant among others. Now, Huawei wants to replace Google Maps with Here WeGo Map.

Navigation service happens to be one of the most useful features you’ll find on a modern smartphone today, it is so useful that many people no longer rely on virtual guidance to move around. Google Maps has been delivering a great service and is undoubtedly the most popular navigation app out there.

Here WeGo — City Navigation

Here WeGo Maps was originally developed by Nokia back in 2012, at the time, it was called Here Maps and has since gone through several name changes and metamorphoses. After adopting the HERE WeGo branding in 2016, it shifted focus towards navigation and public transit information. Now Huawei is making the service available for its users by listing the HERE WeGo – City Navigation app on the AppGallery.

The app offers navigation full walking, public transport, bike, and turn-by-turn driving directions which are also available offline if you’re visiting a place with poor/no internet coverage. The service works in over 100 countries with over 1,300 cities.

Here WeGo Map can be downloaded from Huawei’s App Gallery, or can download it directly from here to your device.

Huawei is definitely bringing more Google Apps alternative for it fans and we’d love to see how the compete with each other.

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