Huawei To Replace Google App With Its Own Search App

Huawei has been working non-stop to provide alternatives to Google’s services on its devices after getting banned by the US. The tech giant already launched its own Operating System HarmonyOS, mobile services (HMS) and recently introduced App Gallery to replace Play Store. But Huawei isn’t done already, Huawei now wants to launch its own search app to replace Google App, it is called Huawei search.

Huawei has been reportedly testing a new dedicated search app that will fill the gap for the missing Google app on its devices. The company rolled out the Search App beta program for its UAE users last week, and an XDA developer managed to run it on his Mate 30 Pro device.

Huawei search
Huawei search

Currently, the search app from Huawei is still offering limited features, when compared to the Google App. We all know Google app is a fusion of Google Assistant, Google Lens, and several other Google services. Huawei search on the other hand only offers the basic web search features.

Huawei Search comes with EMIU 10 dark theme support and provides shortcuts on the landing page, such as weather, calculator, sports, and unit conversions. It also includes the usual settings options like toggle search history, toggle safe search, change search region, change language, and others.

According to XDA, Huawei Search is powered by Aspiegel Limited — a Huawei subsidiary based in Ireland that manages the tech giant’s mobile software services. This move will keep users data safe and users will not have to worry over their data being collected or sold to advertisers.

Huawei Search App seems to be a pretty decent search app, but not yet up to the point of replacing Google app for now. However, given that the app is still new, it might actually stand a chance with Google app given that the app will continually evolve and Huawei will bring more features to it.

Download Huawei Search App

Huawei fans who wish to try the new Huawei search app can download from the link below.

What do you think about the new Huawei search app? Share your thoughts with us n the comments below.

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