How To Increase IDM Download Speed In 2021

If you’ve landed on this page, that means you’re an Internet Download Manager user looking for ways to boost your download speed. Well, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll share a simple guide on how to increase IDM download speed.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is without a doubt the best download manager available for PCs. It is capable of little and large downloads and helps you accelerate your download rate to get files downloaded in no time. IDM comes with a lot of features that you won’t find on any PC web browser. Amongst some of its unique features are:

  • Support for all the popular browsers for PC
  • Buit-in anitivirus file checker
  • Advanced browser intergration
  • Download scheduler
  • Download speed acceleration and more.

If you’d like to read all its features in detail, visit the official IDM features page.

Unlike the default browser download managers, IDM can boost your download speed up to 5 times!. But if you want more download speed, there are ways you can increase whatever speed you currently have.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the simple ways in which you can increase the download speed of Internet Download Manager.

How To Increase IDM Download Speed Upto 100mbps

Before we go into the steps to boost IDM download speed, make sure you’re running the latest version of the program on your PC. By default, the program is tweaked to deliver the best download speed. If you already have the latest version installed, then, proceed to the steps below to speed up downloads when using the internet download manager.

Steps To Increase Internet Download Speed

Step 1. Use IDM Optimizer :

IDM Optimizer is a free tool that helps you boost download speed on the internet download manager with a single click. Download here.

IDM Optimizer

You need to have IDM already installed on your PC, as this tool will only optimize IDM download speed when if it’s present on your system.

Launch the IDM Optimizer tool and you’ll get three options on the main screen to choose from. If you have a different proxy or sock you’d like to use for your downloads, tap on the first option which is proxy settings to configure. The second option helps you optimize IDM with a single click and that is what we’re interested in. Click on the optimize now button to speed up your downloading speed on IDM.

Now, compare the download speed with what you have before to see if it is better or not. If you get a slow download speed after applying IDM optimizer, simply click on the restore default button to restore your default IDM settings.


Step 2. Making Changes to IDM Your Settings

1. Check your connection settings IDM
How To Increase IDM Download Speed In 2021

Launch IDM and click on the “Options” tab, navigate to the “Connection” tab on the new window. If you’re using a broadband connection, select high speed in the connection type dialogue “Options >> Connection.” Also, increases “Max. connections number” from 8 to 16. Click on “ OK“.

2. Disable “Speed Limiter “
How To Increase IDM Download Speed In 2021

Click on the download tab on IDM and from the list of menus, select speed limiter and “Turn It Off “.

3. Schedule your downloads
How To Increase IDM Download Speed In 2021

Scheduling your downloads is another great way to increase downloading speed on IDM. With multiple files downloading, traffic increases and causes your downloads to slow down. When you schedule downloads you’ll get a significantly reduced traffic line, and it will be much faster to download at night, compared to what have in the day.

3. Close other programs
How To Increase IDM Download Speed In 2021

Closing other programs that are using the internet connection when using IDM also increased your download speed. So, It is better to close any running background process sharing the same resources with IDM simultaneously.

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That’s it; I hope this guide on how to increase your IDM download speed has helped you achieved a better download speed without using a cheat engine. If you find our guide helpful, don’t forget to use the share button and happy downloading.

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