Infinix Mobility Teases A Five Camera Smartphone

Is it a mid-range or flagship device?

Nokia 9 PureView started the 5 camera lenses buzz, the first of its kind and the only device with a 5 rear camera setup at the moment. This seems to be the next big thing in the smartphone space has manufacturer are about delivering a better camera for their devices this years.

We’re seeing a lot of development in the smartphone space in 2019 and in the middle of all this innovations, Infinix mobility teases a five camera smartphone in a short sponsored video which has now been taking down. Infinix teased a smartphone which will couple 5 cameras and said to launch soon.

According the the teaser video, the smartphone will have a total of 5 camera’s, which simply tells us that the devices is not getting a 5 rear camera setup, rather it would have a four rear camera setup like the Samsung Galaxy A9 and a selfie shooter.

Infinix 5 camera smartphone

Taking from the above image, we can see a small cutout in the middle of the device, which can only mean that we’re getting an Infinity-U display.

According to rumours, the device is expected to launch in the mid-range segment but I have this personally feeling that the device is going to be a flagship. We know the Infinix Zero 6 is on the way, so, we can guess this teaser is a disguise.

The device is expected to use a glass body like the Infinix Hot S4 that just launch and will bag a long lasting battery.

Although there are not enough information to justify this claims, so, we’ll have to chill until for it official announcement or maybe we’ll get more leaks before that.

You’re probably wondering the whole idea behind multiple cameras, why not one or two and just improve on it. Well, “5 heads is better than one in this case”. We’ll be taking about that in another article.

So, stay tuned for more update about this device and don’t forget to subscribe.

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