Instagram Now Allows You to Delete Comments in Bulk and More

Fighting online bullying

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Instagram has added new features to combat bullying on its platforms and keeping it a positive network for users. The new privacy features will allow users to manage comments on their post, allowing them to filter out hate speeches or any form of harassment.

Users will have the ability to delete up to 25 comments at once and also block or restrict multiple accounts at the same time. The company has also given users more control over who can tag or mention you in a post. People can select whether they want everyone, only people they follow, or no one to be able to tag or mention them in a comment, caption, or story. You can activate this feature by simply going to your privacy setting page in the app.

Instagram new feature

Instagram is also testing a new feature that gives users the ability to pin comments to the top of a post, quite similar to the pin chat feature on WhatsApp. The new “pinned comments” feature lets users choose which comments they want to draw attention to.


Instagram new feature

Interestingly, users can pin multiple comments, similarly to how YouTube allows comments to be pinned to the top of the comments section below videos. This allows creators to highlight positive conversations.

Instagram has also been testing a feature that hides likes on accounts. This feature was first reported sometime in 2019, a change Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has said is meant to “depressurize” the app, particularly for its younger users. The company hasn’t given an update on that experiment, or if it will roll out more widely.

Instagram also announced the shut down of it Lite app version in preparation to launch a new one. Also, while the parent company company has added dark mode feature for most of its popular apps, including Instagram, Facebook is still missing this feature and we hope to see it soon as well.


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