Instagram Voice Message Will Make You Spend More Time On The App

It now appears as though Instagram offers everything there is to get from all social media platforms. And you get a feeling that every missing feature will soon get on board. Instagram has now added a voice message feature. An online social place that started out as a photo, a video showcasing medium.

Instagram has now gradually grown into a medium where you can text online followers, watch longer videos through its IGTV, share contents with other media when you sync and so many others feature just like what you get on other social media platforms. On top of there is now Instagram voice messaging feature where you can record your message just by using the mic icon.

The Instagram voice message will allow you to send a message seamlessly. You wouldn’t need to have both hands free or type through any inconveniences with Instagram voice message feature. I know a lot of us our ladies to type through some difficulties when they have their artificial nails. Even though they get used to it, they tend to retire to voice messaging sometimes. You can also multitask in the middle of an interesting conversation, just use the microphone icon.


Momentum is swinging towards Instagram and the Facebook-owned company wants to ensure that you ain’t missing any features you use to enjoy on other apps. With this, you will hardly find any faults in the App. Instagram’s stock has increased massively this year while Snapchat and even parent company, Facebook has suffered from that.

It has also been suggested that the voice messaging feature for Instagram was introduced to bring users whose languages are difficult to type closer to Instagram.


To record a voice message is as simple as it is on several other platforms. While you are sending a direct message on popular platforms like the Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, you will find a microphone button on the side, just beside the text field. That is exactly what you will get on Instagram’s own voice messaging. Simply open a private conversation on Instagram, and beside the field that allows you to send and create message threads.

You can cancel while recording just by sliding the same finger while the microphone button is still on hold. This isn’t new tricks for guys that use this feature on other media.

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