Intel’s 9th Generation Processors To Arrive On 1st October

According to recent leaks via Wccftech, Intel is setting the ground to release its latest 9th Generation Processors as soon as 1st October. These new processors bags more cores and faster speeds, thanks to the improved 14nm process node.
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Intel’s 9th Generation Processors leaks

We all know Intel has been struggling to produce a viable 10 nm chip while AMD on the other hand is doing pretty well. Even though Intel has decided to push its 10nm chip production to late 2019, they also have something up the sleeve for users according to Wccftech. Intel is expected to release new Core i9, Core i7 and Core i5 processors.

  • Intel Core i9-9900K (8 core / 16 thread)
  • Intel Core i7-9700K (8 core / 8 thread)
  • Intel Core i5-9600K (6 core / 6 thread)

The mainstream flagship processor, Intel’s Core i9-9900K chip will ship with 8 core and 16 thread option with a base frequency of 3.6GHz turbo to a boost speed of 5.0GHz in a single and dual core application.
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The Core i7-9700K will ship with 8 core and 8 thread chip. The base frequency is 3.6GHz boosting to 4.9GHz for two cores and the Core i5-9600K will ship with 6 core and 6 thread chip with a base frequency of 3.7GHz turbo which boost up to 4.6GHz for one core.

Also, Intel is reportedly launching its unlocked overclocked processors first and it will be followed by more 9th Generation processors to be unveiled at Q1 early next.

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If the rumours are true, anyone planning to build a new rig should probably wait to compare Intel’s latest CPU Gen to AMD’s Ryzen chips in gaming performance and other task before picking parts.

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