iPhone XC, XS, XS Max And Their Amazingly Cheap Prices

Apple will be unveiling 3 new devices tomorrow at the Steve Jobs theatre. The ‘Gather round’ is an annual event where Apple make public all their works throughout the year. The 2018 iPhone line up will be taking a cue from the iPhone X that was launched last year. Their names have ‘X’ in it and they will have the notch design like the iPhone X. But the big news right now is how affordable this device will be, especially the iPhone XC.

Meet The New Affordable iPhones

The Apple smartphones XS, XS Max and XC according to reports are all extended versions of the 2017 iPhone X aimed at targeting more audience according to their preference in phone size and price.

No news as regards the specifications and features of this devices for now and we might even see a triple lens camera device. But something seems to be certain and it’s big news.

The iPhone XC’ price might be so unexpected even though it is tagged an ‘entry-level device’. The iPhone XC will be one of the cheapest iPhones in recent years. The 6.1 inches iPhone device is valued by analysts at £599. That is £100 cheaper than the iPhone 8 released last year.

The pricier iPhone XS (5.8 inches) and iPhone XS Max / Plus (6.5 inches) are expected to cost £899 and £999 respectively. Meaning only the XS Max will cost as much as last year’s iPhone X. So, we have affordability on the cards here.

The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XC all look like iPhone X with the notch

iPhone popular designs vs the new notch look

We all know that the iPhone X looks different from other iPhone models as it comes with the sweet ‘notch’ concept in the design.
Apple filled almost all of the phone’s front with screen – but saved for a small “notch” at the top, to house the selfie camera.

This meant Apple had to ditch the Home button, and the fingerprint sensor too to get this new look. A new Face ID facial recognition system was added for unlocking purpose instead.

This is exactly what the new iPhones that will be unveiled tomorrow will look like. The design makes it more attractive and at the same time, it breathes freshness into the iPhone.

I think everyone wants an iPhones but the prices have always been the stumbling block. This year’s iPhones should do better in sales since the company is helping our course.

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