Laptop Buying Guide: How to choose a laptop in 2018

Hey guys, in this article I’ll be sharing a laptop buying guide which would help you in choosing a laptop to buy in 2018.

The inception of the internet has made the world a global village. Buying a laptop is no longer an option but a necessity. Sometimes it can be hectic purchasing a computer especially when you have no idea of what you are looking for.

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Laptop Buying Guide

If you are in a dilemma concerning the kind of machine you should buy, then you are in the right place. The following review is aimed at providing a comprehensive guide on how to select a computer that suits your needs and preference.

How to choose a laptop to buy

In a previous article, I wrote about how to speed up a low-end laptop and also highlighted some factors to consider when choosing one. Now, I’ll be discussing each factor to consider in details.

#1. Size

Whenever I think of laptops, I think of size. Size always matters! Depending on the type of tasks you are planning to do with your next computer, you’ll definitely want to choose the right size that fits you

Most of their sizes range from 11.6-inches to 17.3-inches. Brands such as Acer, HP, and ASUS mostly offer display sizes of 13.3-inch, 17.3-inch, and 17.3-inches.

In case, you are looking for high portability, then I would highly recommend that you go for a small sized one. Consider looking for notebooks with a screen display of either 13.3-inches or 12.3-inches with an average weight range of 1kg to 1.5kg

However, it’s worth noting that most small-sized computers of a 13.3-inch display cannot support discrete graphics cards or high-end Intel Core i7 CPUs that their 15.6-inch counterpart supports.

If your work entails the need for a larger display or discrete graphics power, you’ll undoubtedly go for a large-sized machine.

Additionally, there are those that are convertible commonly known as the 2-in-1 laptops. They can fold in a 360 angle and also possess detachable keyboards thus can be used in reduced size as tablets. Products such as Acer’s Chromebooks, Lenovo Flex 4 and Microsoft’s Surface Go, fall under this category.

Finally, if you are looking for a gadget with a high optical drive or a lasting battery life, you’ll probably have to settle for something large too.

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#2. Screen quality

Sometimes you do get bored and all you do is end up just staring at the screen of your device. If this usually happens to you, you definitely will want to have a screen that is worth staring at.

To begin, it’s essential to put into consideration whether your next new gadget should have a touchscreen or not. Touchscreen machines are on the rise, and they definitely make specific tasks much more comfortable than others.

Unfortunately, they sometimes make undesirable glossiness that causes reflections on the screen display. Sometimes these reflections are a put off while gaming. Anyway, for every good thing, you have to pay a price, right?

Next up, you should check on the screen resolution too. A 1920 x 1080 resolution which is full HD is a perfect choice for you if you are planning to acquire a movie or gaming machine.

Furthermore, a modern laptop with a screen resolution of 4k is currently in the market. However, they are a bit costly than the rest. They might be a worthy choice for people who really need them, like photographers, videographers and content professionals.

#3. RAM

Gone are the days when only a 4GB RAM is what was required to attain the best out of your machine.

Nowadays, you think of at least 8GB RAM to get things running on your system. For power-users, 16GB RAM is the way to go. Meanwhile, gamers should think of doing a few upgrades i.e. a 32GB RAM if they want to have the best life experience.

Having a significant RAM increases the overall performance of your computer making it possible to run several applications at the same time, which is suitable for tasks like photo and video editing.

#4. Keyboard quality

If you get involved in long typing sessions maybe as a student or a secretary, then it’s important to have comfortable keyboards. Having uncomfortable keyboard translates to inadequate experience and long typing hours for its users.

You need a keyboard that has a well-spaced and full-sized keys layout. Additionally, consider having a backlit keyboard to aid in your view while typing in a low light area.

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Investing in these machines is a great idea with a potential of high returns when it comes to performance and productivity. Having a computer gives you an opportunity to explore a lot of things on the internet. With these few pointers, I bet you are in a position to make a wise decision on which type of laptop you should purchase

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