How to Install Google Camera 8.0 (GCam 8.0 Mod) On Any Android

In today’s technology-driven world, you no longer need a very expansive camera to take outstanding photos. Just with your smartphone, you can do a lot of photoshoots and get excellent results. Smartphones today have brought professional photoshoots to our fingertips and a lot of people now rely solely on a smartphone for their photography works and even videos.

If you’re a mobile photographer, there are a lot of things that determines a good quality photo but one we’d like to emphasize on is the camera app. Yes, if you’ve been into mobile photography for long, you’ll agree that a phone camera app play a very important role when it comes to capturing images or videos especially on the Android platform.

There’s no doubt that the stock camera app on many Android devices captures great photos, but most time image quality doesn’t compare to that of GCAM even though the device has very good hardware. To tackle this issue, Google released Google Camera, a camera app that takes photography to the next level. Google camera app houses tons of amazing features giving you a great photography experience, however, this app is limited to Pixel and some Android Go phones.

Although Google’s camera app is exclusive to Pixel smartphones, developers took up the task to port the app to other devices so that all smartphones can harness the power of the camera app. The ported Google camera app is what we now know or popularly refer to as Google Camera Mod or GCAM mod.

Google Camera 8.0 Mod for Android

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Google recently added two new devices to its Pixel device portfolio, the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 5G. Both devices are the Snapdragon 765G mobile platform processor and run the latest Android 11 OS. Google also introduced the Google camera 8.0 on these two devices with an exclusive feature called Night Sight for portrait mode.

The latest Google Camera app (GCAM 8.0) comes with a new look and several improvements like easier zoom controls, wide-angle views for the Portrait mode, and a new leveler to fix frontal or backward tilt among other features. For those who want to try the new GCAM app on their device, you can now download the ported Google Camera 8.0 app and install on your device.

Google Camera 8.0 Features

  • New UI
    • New buttons
    • Quick Zoom
    • Quick access for video modes
    • New icons for recording
    • Cues for better images
  • Face retouching disabled by default
  • New Leveller
  • Super Res Zoom improved
  • Social share on Video mode
  • Audio Zoom

GCAM 8.0 Mod Key Features

  • Adds a Quick-Toggle for Changing the Video Resolution
  • The mod has new settings UI.
  • Supports 24FPS video recording.
  • Night Sight in Portrait Mode
  • Portrait Light
  • New Editor in Google Photos
  • Cinematic Pan for Videos.
  • And every other feature of older GCam Mod.

Requirements to run Google Camera 8.0 Mod

For GCAM 8.0 Mod to run smoothly on your device, your device must have Camer2API support. You can check this by installing Camera2 API Probe Android app from the Google PlayStore and if your device supports it, you’ll get any of this three options marked – ‘Limited’‘Full’ or ‘Level_3.’

Also, your device needs to be running Android 10 and newer to use this app (it can be custom ROM). It won’t work work on device running running Android 9 or below.

Note: The GCAM 8.0 mod is still in beta and you may experience a few bugs and glitches while using the app. If that is understood, then, follow the simple step by step guide to get the latest Google Camera app working on your device.

How to Install Google Camera 8.0 Mod

  1. First off, download GCAM 8.0 Mod apk file. The app file looks like MGC_8.0.018_V0.apk
  2. Now, go into your device security settings and enable unknown source
  3. Once enabled, proceed to installing the app
  4. After a successful installation, you’ll find the new GCAM app icon on your homescreen/app drawer
  5. Tap on the icon to launch the app.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed the latest GCAM 8.0 Mod app on your device. For older Android versions, you can try GCam 7.31 or below.

If you face any issues installing Google Camera 8.0 Mod on your device, tell us in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!. If this guide has also helped you, kindly share with your friends.


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