Latest WhatsApp Version Reported Draining Battery On Android Phone

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According to latest reports, the latest WhatsApp update have been rapidly draining battery on Android phones and affecting OnePlus and Samsung users the most.

Users says after installing the latest WhatsApp update, battery usage as increased at an alarming rate and causing smartphone to lose power quickly.

Many OnePlus and Samsung (S10 series and Note 10) phone users are reporting huge battery drain ever since the new WhatsApp update rolled out as well as some Xiaomi, and Google Pixel users.

Users are reporting an average idle drain of 33 – 40 per cent. This is the case with both the Android 9 and the latest Android 10 builds these phones.

As the moment, there is no word from the company as to what could be causing the rapid battery drain or how wide the issue has spread. Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that he latest WhatsApp update id responsible for this.


Some users already have taken to Google Play Store to complain on the new update and we’re hoping the company provides an update to fix this issue quick.

If you are experiencing a rapid battery drain after update your WhatsApp, then try the fix below.

How to Know if You are Affected

Check WhatsApp battery usage following the simple steps below;

  1. Go to phone Settings
  2. Locate the battery option
  3. Tap the three dots in the top corner and select Battery Usage
  4. Then press the three dots and again and tap Full device usage.

This will display your battery usage and if you’re affected

How to fix WhatsApp battery drain

  1. First off, go to settings and locate apps and notification.
  2. Show all apps and locate WhatsApp
  3. Tap on the WhatsApp icon and clear app data
  4. If the issue persist, then uninstall the app completely from your device and reinstall it from Google Play store
  5. If that doesn’t fix it as well, try downloading an older version of the app

If you’re currently experiencing this, kindly drop a comment below and also let us know if any of the fix worked.


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