Leak: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Variant Coming With 12GB RAM And 1TB Storage

Just recently, the South Korean tech giant unveiled its foldable smartphone to the world, even though it just a prototype, it has cleared the past rumors that Samsung is actually working on a foldable phone. We’ve shared rumors about Samsung reportedly launching a 10GB Galaxy S10, but it appears that will be getting more than that on the Galaxy S10 5G variant. The latest report suggests that the South Korean tech giant, of course, Samsung will be releasing a 5G version Galaxy S10 with 12GB RAM memory.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Variant Coming With 12GB RAM And 1TB Storage

I’ve been wondering what 10GB of RAM would feel like on a phone and then there’s already another news of a 12GB RAM device and I’m like WTF!, really? lol…

10GB RAM smartphone is no longer a rumor, we already saw the Black Shark Helo, a gaming smartphone from Xaiomi with 10GB of RAM. I’m still not sure why we have a 10GB RAM phone, what happened to 8GB, 6GB and 4GB? I guess that’s not enough for Android users, even the iPhone XS Max uses 4GB of RAM.

There’s is no doubt to the fact that 12GB of RAM will bring about a smoother experience, both in the UI and transitions, in various applications, keeping apps suspended in the background, and general performance levels.

However, the hefty RAM is not the only feature we’ll be seeing in the 5G version of Samsung’s Galaxy S10, it’ll also have 1Terabyte storage according to the report. This will come handy for photography lovers the movie fanatics, 1TB will definitely save a lot and that’s a selling point too.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version is also expected to come with a 3D detection module based on TOF (Time-Of-Flight), which is a technology that calculates depth by measuring the amount of time that infrared light takes to reach the subject and be reflected.

Samsung seems to be ready to take 2019 with all its might, don’t forget Samsung is reportedly launching a gaming smartphone soon, but it’ll be too early to say that’s true but 2019 will bring us closer to the light.

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