LG Said to Supply OLED Displays For The iPhone X Plus This Year

Apple iPhone X was recently released and the device became the first iPhone to be accompanied by an OLED display. A few weeks ago, we heard Apple will be releasing three iPhone devices this year, of which two will feature OLED display along with one LCD.

LG who had just announced the world’s first 88-Inch Oled Technology TV in 8k has also supplied OLED panels for Google’s Pixel 2 XL’s, of which some were reportedly subject to certain display issues. LG Displays already supplies LCD panel for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Reports also revealed that Apple’s current sole supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone X, Samsung, will still continue to supply OLED panels for the 2018 5.8-inch or 6-inch iPhone X models.

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Apple is said to have pumped billions of dollars in LG’s display OLED production line, but LG was not expected to ship OLED panel for iPhones until 2019. It seems terms could have changed and LG will be supplying OLED panels for Apple iPhone line-up this year.

Source: LG Display Wins Contract to Supply OLED Panels For 2018 iPhone Line-Up

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