You Can Buy a Tesla Model 3 For The Price of This Luxury Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series phone launched a couple of days back and while the buzz is still in the air, a Russian company, Caviar who specializes in making luxury gadgets has decided to give the most premium member in the Galaxy S20 series a complete makeover, I’m talking of no other than the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Ultra.

In February, Caviar made a custom build iPhone 11 Pro which cost 6 million naira but it is nothing compared to the custom build Galaxy S20 Ultra. I mean you can buy a Tesla Model 3 for the price of the luxury Galaxy S20 5G Ultra.

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Oh, wait, you don’t know what a Tesla Model 3 is? I mean this guy in the image below.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

So, what’s so special in the Luxury Galaxy S20 5G Ultra?

Caviar calls the custom build Galaxy 20 5G Ultra collection “Galaxy S21 Fortune.” The custom build S20 Ultra design is inspired by playing cards elements (Blackjack) and made out of the highest quality materials which include 18k gold, black onyx, rubies and sapphires.

Galaxy S21 Fortune
Luxury Galaxy S20 Ultra

The custom build S20 Ultra features the same specs as the standard version but in a different appearance. The phones come with elements from the 4 card suits: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs alongside a joker and four aces versions. Each model in the collection is limited to 21 units which is the winning number in Blackjack.

The luxury Galaxy S20 Ultra models will go for $5,660 (approx N2,068,730) each while the top of the line Joker version which comes with sapphire and ruby elements will drop your jaw with a crazy price of $40,210 (14.6 million naira). Yes, you heard it right.

For that same price, you can actually buy 23 units of an iPhone 11 Pro Max and still keep some change. But seriously, would you buy the luxury Galaxy S20 Ultra? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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