Meet Linux-Based Windows 12 Lite — It’s 3X Faster Than Windows 10

It is not made by Microsoft

Windows 12 Lite
Windows 12 Lite

Some of you may have been asking if Microsoft is planning a Windows 11 or 12 after Windows 10, well no it’s not happening but here goes Windows 12 Lite, how did it happen?

A Redditor named Hexsayeed spotted an operating system at a computer fair being marketed and sold by the name Windows 12 Lite.

This Windows 12 Lite OS is not made by Microsoft and not related to Microsoft in any way. Windows 12 Lite is a modified operating system based on the Linux Lite 4.8 distro. It is basically modified to look similar to Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS by using a dark theme and a icon pack.

Screenshot 20200211 171128
Windows 12 Lite

According to the makers, Windows 12 Lite is three times faster than the original Windows 10 and ideal for gamers with Steam in the menu and Nvidia drivers as stated on the retail package.

It is also stated that the OS contains no virus or ransomware and even immune to them.

The packaging also clearly states “No adverts or sharing with Microsoft.”

Windows 12 Lite
Windows 12 Lite Desktop

In order to deliver a Windows 10 like experience, Windows 12 Lite comes preloaded with Windows 10 default Hero wallpaper.

The makers have also set up a website with detailed information on how to install the Windows 12 Lite OS.

While it sounds cool, publishing or selling a product under Microsoft’s trademark will definitely come with a warning or even a penalty if the makers of Windows 12 lite continues to sell this OS using the Windows trademark.

You can read more on the OS on their website before the tech giant drops a ban on it.

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