Messenger App Might Die As Facebook Announces Messenger 4

Facebook has taken a bold new step as they announce a new App to carry out messenger functions. It is called ‘Messenger 4’. Facebook has announced messenger 4 and I l don’t even know whether to think of it as a messenger replacement or a support. As time goes on, the Mark Zuckerberg led company will present a clearer picture of its intent.

Messenger 4 from all we can gather for now is an App that will be available across all platforms while it will take care of the shortcomings of the regular Messenger App. The regular Messenger App has been known for its ambiguity, it is bulkiness and it looks like too much unnecessary content users don’t need sometimes. Messenger 4 is looking to address that with its simplicity.

Messenger 4 app
Image: Facebook

The regular messenger App at the moment has about 8 tabs while messenger 4 will carry only 3. Chats where all your conversations lie, People and discover where you can find all the rest that the App offers including games.

Will Messenger 4 Carry Ads?

According to what we hear, simplicity is what Messenger 4 stands for. The new Messenger app to me is a combination of the standard Messenger and Messenger Lite. Messenger Lite is a very simple version of the messenger but it lacks some sweet features as a result of its simplicity.

You can do video chats, voice but can’t add bots, play games, or customize your chat colours amongst other services. The all-new Messenger app will look more like Messenger Lite but can Facebook do without the advertisements? Facebook hasn’t said anything about this. Only time will tell as we hear Facebook might be preparing to monetize WhatsApp.

Other Talking Points From Messenger 4 Announcement

It is official now that the new Messenger app will debut with a special feature called colour gradient. A feature that will ensure that your chat is colourful and exciting.

Facebook has also said it is working on a ‘Dark-Mode’ feature and there will be a series of other themes available to beautify your chats.

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