Meta Increases WhatsApp Group Chat Limit To 1024 Members

WhatsApp Group Chat Limit

Back in 2019, WhatsApp began banning users from using moded versions of the app hoping to get users to switch to the original app but like always, the mod developers found new ways to prevent their users from getting banned. The obvious reason why users still prefer moded WhatsApp is the wide variety of features they offer that are not available on the original app.

In the past few years, however, WhatsApp has improved a lot and added a lot of features including dark mode, animated stickers, WhatsApp Pay, linked devices, and we also saw an increased group chat limit to 512 members.

WhatsApp Group Chat Limit

Talking about groups, Meta is lifting the group chat limit once again to accommodate twice the number is holds before. Groups on WhatsApp will now be able to accommodate up to 1024 members and although it still doesn’t come close to what its counterpart (Telegram) offers, it is a nice development from Meta.

The new development is still in beta however so not all WhatsApp group owners will get the new experience. Beta users should update to the latest version to see the new changes while regular users should be expecting the rollout in a few weeks.

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