Microsoft Adds Surf Game In Its Edge Browser — Here’s How To Play

Without a doubt, a lot of smartphone users prefer the Google Chrome browser over any other browsers and if you’ve ever tried using Chrome when you have a bad internet connection, you probably have stumbled upon the Chrome Dino easter egg which keeps you busy while your network tries to reconnect. For some of us we just like to play the Chrome offline game because it’s fun to play. Microsoft has followed in this footstep and launch Edge Surf game for its Edge browser and after playing it for some time, it seems to be a lot more interesting to play than the Chrome Dino game.

The Microsoft Edge Surf game has been available for testers since February 2020 and just rolled out a few days ago. Unlike the Chrome Dino game, Edge Surf game can be played with a mouse, gamepad, keyboard, and even touchscreen. Although the Edge Surf game is a lot more interesting to play, the gameplay is quite similar to the Chrome Dino game. Players have to control the skier and move forward while dodging obstacles and sea monsters too.

Microsoft also took a step further to make the game available while you’re online (Yes, you can play while you have a data connection), unlike the Chrome’s dinosaur game which is online available offline. The Surf game allows you to choose between 7 characters and also comes with 3 different modes, to give users a challenging yet fun experience.

Edge Surf Game Modes

The Edge surfing game modes, includes the classic Let’s Surf, Time Trial, and Zig Zag.

Let’s Surf Mode: In this mode, players can play in an endlessly, you have to dodge obstacles and also save yourself from the Kraken chasing you in the game.

Time trial mode: We all know what time trial in games mean, beating the time for a course, but there are also in-game coins which you can collect in this mode to shorten the shorten time and also shortcuts to shorten the routes.

Zigzag mode: The Zig Zag mode is the most difficult mode in the game. In this mode, you have to hit every gate, or your streaks will reset.

How To Play The Microsoft Edge Surf Game?

To play the Microsoft Edge Surf game, you need to be running the latest version of Edge web browser. If you’re running an older version of Edge browser, you can download the new Chromium-based Edge browser here.

1. If you already have the latest Edge Chromium browser on your PC, launch it.

Edge Surf

2. Now in the address bar, type in “edge://surf” and hit Enter.

Microsoft edge surf game

3. You will then be redirected to the Surf game main page where you 7 characters to select from for the gameplay.

4. To change the game mode, simply click on the hamburger menu button at the top right corner, you can also toggle between the high visibility mode and increase or decrease the game speed too.

5. Once done, you only need to hit the ‘spacebar’ to start playing and use the arrow keys to navigate your surfer.

Have you already play the Edge Surf game? What is it like for you? Share your experience with us in the comment below.

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