Microsoft Releases Office 2019 And The Features Will Force You To Upgrade

Microsoft has launched probably the best Office suite till date “Office 2019”.

While some of us are excited by updates like these, some aren’t. Some PC users prefer to continue using a computer program they are familiar with, rather than upgrading to one that will take several months to get acquainted with again.

The sophistication and intricacies of new updates have always been the most popular excuse amongst this set of people. That is why so many PC users still use the Office 2013 and 2010, or even Office 2007. But the truth remains that newer updates come with lots of improvements that is why Microsoft has ensured that only users that upgrade to Windows 10 will be able to use office 2019

Office 2019; Word, Excel, PowerPoint And Every Major Feature Update

Office 2019 features so many new features that will entice almost the entire populace of the Black collar job community. These are features that were only available for Office 365 users. Features which include read aloud and morph transition have now been imported into Microsoft office for the use of other Microsoft office users.

For people that have presentations as a core part of their businesses, PowerPoint is better and more productive with features like morph transitions, SVG and 3D model support, play in-click sequence, and 4k video export. Your own business deals with a lot of typing or ‘text editing’ as it were, you have features like Read aloud, focus mode, alongside a new translator, and accessibility improvements for Word and Outlook. You can also check out some Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts that will further help you finish a task faster.

Office 2019 will include a roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations across all Office apps.

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