Microsoft Teases New Windows 10 Start Menu With Cleaner UI

Back in march 2020, Microsoft revealed a couple of new changes coming to the new Windows 10 2004 update in its insider program. We say a new start menu, new icons and several improvements on existing Microsoft apps and Cortana becoming a standalone app in Windows.

Microsoft released the Windows 10 2004 in May 2020 and most of the features revealed in the insider program came onboard, sadly, the Windows 10 redesigned start menu was left out.

The company teased a new Windows 10 theme on Facebook showing the new Windows 10 start menu now using Fluent design to keep consistency across the Windows UI. The screenshot display a Phantom Pink Pride Edition theme which is intended as a gesture of solidarity towards the LGBTQI+ community. This also gives us a hint that the redesigned start menu might be coming in the upcoming Windows 10 feature updates.

Windows 10 Start Menu Fluent Design

From the above screenshot, icons in the app list now have a transparent background in the updated design. The icons and some app tiles will also have the same background as the accent color set by the user.

The new Start Menu combined with all the visuals present gives the Windows OS a cleaner look. Also, the upcoming OS is expected to have a redesigned Action Center and other UI components.

While we’re not sure if at all Microsoft plans to push out this update in the upcoming feature update, or maybe Microsoft just wanted to show off since the release of MacOS 11 Big Sur brought tons of UI-focused changes. Nonetheless, the new start menu looks pretty cool and we can’t wait to have it on PCs.

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