Microsoft’s Newest Robot Can Fetch Beer For You

Microsoft finally used AI and computing to turn fantasies into reality. The Tech giant at their 2018 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Microsoft showed off a robot which achieved the heavenly vessel of registering to have the capacity to recover a lager from the refrigerator when asked to. Basically, the new Microsoft Robot is a “Receptionist Assistant Robot,” which has been created to help receptionists stay in one place in the building and get more tasks completed with its aid.

New Microsoft Robot can Bring Beer for you

The new Microsoft robot can assist to help in completing their daily tasks such as fetching beverages from the fridge. It can also sense when the receptionist needs help, provide them with information from its database, interact with visitors and answer their queries too.

A combination of local and cloud processing is used in the robot for image recognition and motion planning. As a consequence, it can accomplish much more than the robots used in an industrial setting where tasks are repetitive in nature.

This assistant can figure out the situation in real-time and take appropriate actions. David Baumert, a member of the prototyping team, explained that it runs simulations to figure out the responses.

This data is then used to generate commands to form a specific sequence of actions needed to get the task completed. Depending upon whether the computation is done locally or remotely, the actions can be speeded up significantly.

There is still a lot of scope for improvement in this robot both in terms of its performance and cost. Hopefully, we can afford such beer-fetching robots in the future. Would you like to get one? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below!


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