Mozilla Launched Firefox Quantum For Android

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Mozilla announced Firefox 57 last year, which is also known as Firefox Quantum. This brought a lot of changes to Mozilla browser experience and it was considered a super-fast browser. Now, Mozilla has extended the Quantum development by launching Firefox Quantum for Android.

Mozilla Launched Firefox Quantum For Android

Last year Mozilla announced Firefox 57, also called Firefox Quantum. It delivered numerous modifications, a culmination of fundamental development efforts, such as the Gecko engine with components written inside the Rust language. Firefox Quantum is considered a super-fast browser which has even surpassed Chrome in speed.

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In Firefox 57, Mozilla has also introduced an enhancement in the mechanism of CSS, also known as “Servo”, which allows processing of pages faster but unfortunately, the integration had been delayed in the Android version. Initially, this CSS engine was expected to appear in version 59, but that was again delayed, now for v60.


Now the feature is finally available for Android and under testing, promising to be much faster than previous versions. In a speed experiment involving version 59 and 60, the results obtained were not significant, even ensuring that the Quantum CSS was active.


Firefox Quantum also enabled the use of browser extension on Android which allows you to Choose from thousands of tools like ad blockers, video downloaders and password managers. This feature is what a lot of users has been expecting on Android browsers.

Also, the new version of Mozilla’s browser also adds the ability to view page source code on a website, in an option in the floating menu. This update is still in beta stage and not yet available in a stable version. However, those interested in this updated can search for it in APKMirror or download the beta version of Firefox Quantum for Android from .


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