Mozilla Launches Firefox Private Network VPN For Android And Windows 10

Back in 2019 Mozilla started testing Firefox Private Network VPN on Windows 10, at the time is was basically just a browser extension. Now, Mozilla has launched a standalone VPN service for Android and Windows 10 PCs.

We all know Mozilla Firefox browser to be a privacy focused browser, to me, launching the Firefox Private Network VPN is to ensure users have total control over their privacy when surfing the web. However, this service is not coming for free.

The VPN service is still in a closed beta and it is being developed in partnership with Mullvad and will use the WireGuard protocol to secure its connections. Mozilla will offer a free Firefox Private Network’s browser-level protection while it’s premium service VPN will be priced at $4.99 per month.

Firefox Private Network VPN is currently available as an invite service. You can join the waiting list here, an invite will be sent across to you to download, install and turn on the Private Network and connect to any server of your choice.

Mozilla claims the WireGuard protocol offer faster speeds and improved encryption, which can be a selling point for this VPN.

The VPN service will be available in the US for testing and will be coming to more countries soon. Mozilla’s Firefox Private VPN service will have more than 100+ servers in 30+ countries and is currently supported on Windows 10 and Android. Mozilla will be extending support for iOS, Mac and Linux later on.

You can check out Firefox Private VPN here.

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  1. I use it from time to time and would like to share my personal opinion. Yes, this private network is really private. But you need to get used to it.

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