Descendant TwoDotTwo Android Pie Custom ROM For Tecno Camon 11 (CF7)

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Descendant TwoDotTwo Android 9.0 Pie custom Rom for Tecno Camon 11 CF7 (KA7) with MediaTek MT6739, Kernel 4.4.94+ running Android 8.1.0. Descendant TwoDotTwo is an Android custom ROM that primarily aims to bring useful tweaks to Google’s Android Pie AOSP.

Descendant ROM doesn’t include many customization features like RR ROM and many others, it’s basically an AOSP ROM which includes a few tweaks to make your device look cool on the interface. A big Credit to Jackson MaKinda and other devs for bringing Android Pie custom ROM for Tecno Camon 11 (CF7)

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This ROM comes bloatware free, it’s fast, smooth and uses the battery well. It contains all the major features in Android 9.0 and the best custom ROM for Tecno Camon 11 at the moment

Descendant TwoDotTwo Android Pie Features

This ROM comes with some UI and Mic improvement and several other feature you’d expect to find in a good custom Android ROM. Some of the features include;

ThumbUI Enhancements:

  • Google Dialer;
  • Google Messages;
  • YouTube;
  • Fixed a doubled bar in some Settings fragments like app permissions and wifi
  • QS Tile is now available

Misc Enhancements:

  • Corrected roundiness behaviour for Settings Searchbar
  • Added more drawables in Settings
  • Fixed non default false value on QS quick pulldown
  • Added Wifi sleep policies
  • Assistant can now be called with home button longpress
  • Replaced RetroMusic with Phonograph
  • New ringtones and notifications sounds
  • Reimplementation of Extended volume panel
  • Apps that weren’t updatable via PlayStore are now correctly behaving
  • Fixed a wrong behaviour of “Disable apps feature” that was preventing the disabled apps to be re-enabled
  • OTA in About Phone
  • Uptime has been reinherited in Settings
  • Removed Xiaomi capped 12mpx camera, bumped it up to 12.6mpx

Main Rings

  • Background and accent colors throughout the interface can be changed.
  • Power menu has additions.
  • Lock screen PIN layout can be scrambled.
  • Setting suggestions can be disabled.
  • Sounds and animations use Google Pixel series ones.
  • App Ops is available.

Little Tweaks

  • Over 80% brightness, the bar will warn you, turning orange.
  • Lockscreen charging info
  • The phone will unlock automatically when it recognises your face.
  • Fingerprint allows 10 scans before denying it as unlocking method.
  • Night light allows lower temperatures.
  • Pixel animations to explain some features
  • App info shows Google Play icon and package names.
  • Font size steps up by 5%.
  • Quick settings adjust themselves to the screen.

Preloaded Applications

  • Brave Browser
  • Open Camera
  • AnExplorer
  • Markup

QS Customizer

  • QS Customizazion
  • Replaced AOSP digital Lockscreen with Descendant Analog Clock;


  • Black UI style it’s now available in:
  • Settings -> Display -> Background color
  • The background in search settings now respects system background on-click event;
  • Brightness thumb icon revamped
  • Recents corner are now roundy to keep OS design consistency


  • Swipe down on a recent card is now available in:
  • Launcher3 Settings > Clear all on swipe down from recents
  • Discover more installing the ROM

What’s Working:

  • WiFi
  • RIL
  • Mobile Data
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Camcorder
  • Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • HW Buttons
  • Alert Slider and Gestures
  • Sound / Vibration
  • And lots more…

ROM Bugs:

  • Hotspot maybe unstable

However, there’s a workaround for it.


Device Info:

Device name: Tecno
Device model: Camon 11 CF7
Device Stock OS: 8.1.0 Oreo
Device chipset: MT6739
Device Kernel: 4.4.95+
Device bootloader: Unlocked

ROM Info:

ROM name: Descendant
ROM OS version: Android 9.0 Pie
SDK Version: 27
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: Unofficial
Supported Language: Multi-Language
Supported Recovery: Twrp 3.1.1-0+

Disclaimer: Before you proceed to installing Tecno Camon 11 Android Pie custom ROM, make sure you make backup of your files and data. This site or its author will not be responsible if you damage your device in the process of flashing a custom rom.

How to install Descendant Android 9.0 Pie custom Rom for Tecno Camon 11 CF7

You can install GSI Android ROMs with two simple methods which will be explained below.

Method 1 – Using TWRP

  1. Download Descendant GSI ROM and vendor mod from the below link
  2. Copy the downloaded GSI file to the root of your SD, if the ROM is in zip or rar format, simply extract it to get the img file
  3. Extract the Vendor Mod to a folder (we’ll be using it at the end of the installation)
  4. Now boot your device into TWRP recovery
  5. In TWRP perform a factory reset, or siply use the advance option to wipe the cache and data partition.
  6. Then tap of the install button, select the install image button on the next screen
  7. Select the ROM img file and select the system partition in which you want to install the ROM on the next screen.
  8. The installation process will begin, so sit back while it installs.
  9. Once installation is complete, don’t reboot just yet
  10. Now go to TWRP restore option and restore the Modded Vendor you extracted earlier.
  11. Once this is complete, now reboot.

Method 2 – Using ADB (Works for non root users too)

  1. Download Descendant Android 9.0 Pie Custom rom for Tecno Camon 11 CF7 and the Vendor patch.
  2. Copy the downloaded ROM to your adb and fastboot folder
  3. Now, perform a factory reset either from your device settings or using your stock recovery if not rooted.
  4. Boot your device into fastboot mode
  5. In fastboot mode, enter the following command; fastboot erase system
  6. Then flash the ROM using the command fastboot flash system name_of_system.img.
  7. Once installation is complete, don’t reboot, also restore the vendor file as explained in the first method.

That’s it you’ve successfully installed Android Pie Custom ROM on your device. The Modded vendor is a fixed for hotspot and other bugs in the ROM.

Note: The first boot takes 5-10minutes to complete, so, take a walk or do something during the boot process. Once booting is complete, you’ll get a welcome screen and then proceed with the device setup.

What’s included in the Vendor Mod (Fixed)

  • Boot takes 30min to 1hr
  • Notch overlay (not app overlay to notch)
  • Data & signal strength ( switch one sim to 2g and other 4g)
  • Hotspot (temp fix with Pda net)
  • Others soon…

If you’re finding it difficult to install Descendant Android 9.0 custom ROM for Tecno Camon 11 CF7, simply use the comment system below and I’ll get back you asap!.

ROM credits:

Jackson Makinda

  1. Hello ,
    I want to do the upgrade described above, but am lost as i dont know where to save the downloaded file and how to complete the process

  2. So I have installed but the dialer is not showing when an incoming call goes through and an outgoing. so you can end or receive a call.

    • We always recommend you take a stock backup before flashing any ROM to avoid issues like this, you should try to read the content of the article before rushing to install.

  3. So I have found another solution. Since I had not backed up my stock. I downloaded firmware and flashed using ADB tools.

  4. Though I was wondering how do you flash using adb the twodotthree when in real sence even after you extract there is no ISO image but a different file extension

  5. SO I have reinstalled the android Pie again with gaps this time. I am about to give it a test drive and give feedback. Thankyou for your support.

  6. And I have fixed the Dialer issue

    The problem was the Phone app was not set to be the default application for phone calls. Not sure why because there were no other apps installed that can handle the calling intents.

    To fix, go to Settings->Apps-> ⚙ ->Default Apps->Phone app. If it doesn’t say Phone immediately under Phone app, then tap and choose the Phone app.

      • So everything is working fine except some apps like Google Photos app is crashing. Its actually not opening at all while its counterparts are working fine.

        One thing I Dont like is the camera app. compared to the original camera app for Tecno camon 11. the new one aint that good.

        I also dont like the Battery Icon and the network Icon. Incase there is an update I would reeeeeaaly love a landscape battery icon or the doted one like for I phone. same with the network icon.

        The STK tool, its user interface is an older version. I would go for the new one that came with Tecno camon 11.

        Aside from these so far so good. Thankyou once again for this.

        oooh there is also another issue of certain apps not working coz of root. but in real sence I havent rooted i just flashed the system. can you help with that. as in is there a way around it??

        • Normally, custom ROM are not meant to be like stock ROMs. For the icons, you can try theming the ROM using substratum theme engine. Since the toolkit is working, I suggest you use it that way.

          For the root, I guess the ROM is prerooted. Installed Magisk manager if it’s not already installed, this way you can manage root apps or uninstall root access.

          Mind you, uninstalling root means you can theme it with substratum.

  7. And then is there a way one could make the navigation bar, small line a little bit longer?

    and then make it transparent?

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