MTN Loses 1.09million Subscribers, Glo, Airtel, And 9mobile Gains More

According to a recent report, Nigeria’s Telecom Industries witnessed a major fall in subscribers in February 2019, the first since August 2018. NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission ) shared the monthly subscribers data obtained from Telecoms combined, showing the how mouch they have added since 2018 and the recent lose.

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In January, the four major mobile network operators had a total of 174,012,136 active users, which reduced by 0.2% to 173,670,035 at the end of February.

A loss of nearly 400,000 subscribers, all in one month!

The report further revealed that MTN had the highest loss recorded, the company lost 1.09 million subscribers in February 2019 while the Grand master of data, Globacom added 400,879 new subscribers; Airtel added 4,559 new users to its network; and surprisingly, 9mobile subscribers increased by 345,264.

With 9mobile adding that amount of new subscribers considering what the company has gone through this past few months, I’d say the company is doing great.

However, despite the large fall in MTN’s subscriber base, the company still hold the spot of the largest mobile network provider in the country, owning 37.83% market share, Glo comes second with 26.55% share, Airtel takes 25.96% leaving 9mobile with 9.66% market share.

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On the flip side, the number of Internet subscribers increased by 850,153 in February 2019, with MTN adding the highest number of subscribers of about 607,462. While Globacom and 9mobile lost 114,268 and 74,031 Internet subscribers, respectively. Airtel, on the other hand, added 430,990 new Internet subscribers to its network.

According to analysts, the decrease in the number of Telecom subscribers may not be unconnected with the clampdown on pre-registered SIM cards by the NCC,

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  1. Wow….such a game in the telecommunication industry. People like awoof. That’s what I know. MTN should reduce their rates. They will surely win more people to their side that way

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