Netflix Launches Cheap Mobile-Only Plan in Nigeria, Kenya, Others

Netflix challenges Showmax with its new mobile-only subscription

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Netflix is, without a doubt, the most popular streaming service worldwide. It is best known for its original series and well-updated movie library. Netflix offers 3 major plans (basic, standard and premium) that allow subscribers to enjoy their favourite movies on any platform, whether on a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. The pricing is great and differs according to region.

While the current subscription is pretty much reasonable, Netflix has decided to make its service even more affordable for its subscribers in sub-Saharan Africa (including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and other SSA countries) with its new mobile-only plan that is 50 – 60% lower to its current basic plan. Netflix also hopes to add new subscribers with its new plan, which I’m many people would jump at since it’s mainly targeted at mobile devices.

Netflix Mobile-only Plan

Netflix Mobile Only Plan
Image: Freepiks

Before the new mobile-only subscription was announced, Netflix basic subscribers were able to watch movies for as low as N2,900 ($7) per month in SD (480p) resolution; Standard subscribers paid N3,600 (USD $9) per month, scaling up their streaming resolution to FHD (1080p); while the Premium subscribers enjoyed Ultra HD (4k) and HDR at N4,400 (USD $11). All plan was available for users to stream on a phone, tablet, computer, or TV anytime.

With the new mobile plan, which costs N1,200 ($3) per month, users still get the same offers as the basic subscribers. However, it is limited to smartphones and tablets whereas basic subscribers can watch contents on other platforms like computers and TV. Also, the Netflix mobile plan is the same price as Showmax Nigeria, and since Netflix houses more content, Showmax would need to take a big, bold step to keep its subscribers from migrating to Netflix.


Although. Showmax does have a good stand because it offers sports content, football precisely, which we all know has the biggest sports fanbase in the world and some reality TV shows that are not available on Netflix.

Of course, users will also have the offline download feature and enjoy other features like the new Play something feature and Play Partial Download, allowing them to begin watching a movie or episode before the download is complete.

While data subscription is still a big concern for many Nigerians, we don’t know if internet service providers will design a cheap mobile data plan anytime soon for Nigerians to enjoy their favourite content online. Netflix has made its service affordable for everyone who craves premium and affordable content online.

What do you think of the new Netflix mobile-only plan? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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