New Features Coming To WhatsApp For Android And iOS

Sometime last year, we discussed some new features coming to WhatsApp messenger with no particular release date yet, however, we’ve continued to receive feature updates this past few months and just few weeks ago, we saw dark mode rolled out to WhatsApp users globally. Now, the company is working on new features for its app, and we’d like to receive your thoughts on it.

New Features For Android Users

In WhatsApp for Android beta 2.19.73 that was released last year revealed a search image on the web feature which would help users tackle fake new by verifying the image on the web. In the latest WhatsApp for Android beta 2.10.19 update, WhatsApp is introducing a similar feature to the search image on the web, it is labelled “search messages on the web.”

WhatsApp search messaage feature
WhatsApp New Feature

Just like the search image on the web feature, the new search messages on the web feature will allow you to verify the authenticity of a message forwarded to you in private chats. Although the new feature is still in development, once its launched, frequently forward Messages will come attached with a search button prompting you to verify directly from the net if the message is fake or real.

When you tap on the search icon to verify forwarded messages, WhatsApp will prompt you to upload the message on Google, so it can scan and tell if it’s real or not.

New Features For iOS Users

First off, WhatsApp is currently rolling out a bug fix to iPhone SE and iPhone 8 users to help fix issues resulting from enabling dark mode for some users.

Share Sheet Integration

Share sheet integration will allow iOS users to share items with some suggested WhatsApp contacts.

New icons for iOS

WhatsApp for iOS has added some new icons and some of the existing icon got a revamped design, you can access them once you update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

What do you think about the new feature coming to WhatsApp? tell us in the comment.

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