9000 NIN Enrolment Centers to be Open This Week

The Federal Government has announced the opening of 9000 NIN registration centres across all states to speed up the NIN registration process and make it a lot easier for Nigerians.

According to the news report, about 200 organisations, states, and institutions licensed by the Federal Government for the NIN enrolment exercise are to start work immediately and registration centres are expected to provide a fillip to the enrolment of Nigerians by NIMC for NIN, and after linking the NIN number with their SIM cards.

The report also revealed that about 50 million Nigerians are registered and each has a national identification number (NIN), while others are yet to be enrolled. You can now check your digital ID using the NIMC Mobile App for those who have registered.

“Most of them are starting this week. All they need to do is to get the systems and start enrolment. Basically, like what we are doing at NIMC, they are supposed to enrol to support FG in the process. At present, there are over 1000 centres. The coming of the new centres will increase the number to about 10,000 for easier access to enrolment. The centres are to go live this week. There is no more time, the six weeks handed to us is almost here, but we are sure that we can do it. With the understanding of Nigerians, support of the telcos, and other institutions, we shall deliver,” Head of Corporate Communications, NIMC, Kayode Adegoke said.

Adegoke also noted that among the 200 licensed stated to setup enrolment centres are Lagos, Borno, Oyo and Osun state. Other institutions such as the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), and the National Population Commission (NPC) will also enrol citizens for the number.

The spokeman also noted that one of the telcos last week secured a large number of equipment to be deployed for the enrolment, beginning from this week. That telco would probably be Airtel NG as it was granted the licence to enrol Nigerians for NIN in December last year, so it totally makes sense.

Three other operators may also begin to take part in the process too, Adegoke hinted. Check the NIN enrollment centres in your state and diaspora here.

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