NIN-SIM Card Registration: Nigerians Can Now Buy And Activate New Sim Cards As FG Lifts Ban

The Nigerian Federal Government has lifted the ban on sim card registration to end the embargo which has been placed for almost five months.

On the 9th December 2020, the Nigerian federal government ordered all telecom operators in the country to suspend the selling and registration of new sim cards to consumers to allows the government to carry out another audit on the Subscribers Registration Database.

The ban has affected Nigerians especially those that came back from abroad and even foreigners, as it made it quite hard for them to make phone calls and use the internet.

However, starting today, the 19th of April, 2021 Nigerians will be able to register new sim cards from telecom operators and those who want to activate their sim cards will be able to get it done.

This announcement came in a statement issued by the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy on Thursday.

“The selling of new sim cards and other activities that were suspended will resume on the same date,” the federal ministry said in the statement.

The federal government also noted in the statement, giving a warning to consumers that NIN (National Identity Number) is till very important and compulsory part of a sim registration and activation.

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