Let’s do a little throwback, if you noticed this device we are going to be talking about on your elder ones while you were young, perhaps in the neighbourhood, amidst your family members, or in an event; You are a grown up by now no doubt. If you used this device or your colleagues did and you are still single, damn!!! My advice is for you to stick to prayers. This device, or should I say handset?? Perhaps I should stick to the real name and model “Nokia 7600”

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Yes, the Nokia 7600 also known as Nokia Teardrop, was a great mobile in its time. Apparently, the design was adopted from what a teardrop looks like on a 3D, lol.

This device went viral at some point probably all over the world, although I must admit that not even up to 40% of us got to see this device in Nigeria. Maybe it was meant for some particular class of people, Or it was too expensive compared to the conventional cell phones in use at that time. Yea, I am talking about those days when the purpose of a cell phone was to hear and say ‘HELLO’.

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The ‘young-oldmen’ if there are any words as such used this device more, obviously for fashion and trend sakes I mean the flexing men. This fact can easily be concluded when you consider the fact that one could hardly find this kind of phone on a businessman even though they could afford it. The camera was of ‘optimum’ quality far back in those days, although very very poor by today’s standards. Guess what ??! It had only 0.3 megapixels to its camera specs. I can only imagine how big girls die to pose for 0.3 megapixels camera SMH. It was Nokia’s second 3G handset. See how far technology has come…



Weight:       123g
Resolution:    8.7*7.8*1.86
Network:    GSM/3G(WCDMA)
Display:        65,000 screen colors
Connectivity:     Bluetooth, USB
Inbuilt memory:    29mb (for media files)
Battery:        talk-time is abt 3hrs (3g), standby is approx 12.5days

Final words

We can say this device has monster specs it can be regarded as a flagship when you compare to its rivals, the only major problem was the awkward situations one would find himself/herself when texting or using the keyboard. It wasn’t so convenient typing on a keyboard that has all its buttons along tiny edges.
If someone bought me this phone now I would say ‘thanks’ and embrace it, I dunno about you. Lmao.

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