Nokia Announced New Gadget At CES called Nokia Sleep

Nokia announced a new gadget at CES called Nokia sleep. The Nokia Sleep is a smart mattress pad that tracks your sleep patterns. Over the years, people have been using smartwatches to track their sleep cycles and only a few weeks ago I changed my thoughts on sleep tracking being useless after Apple watch saved a man’s life by reporting unusual heartbeats.

Nokia Announced smart mattress pad At CES called Nokia Sleep

The smart mattress pad which is WiFi connected syncs all your sleep data to Nokia’s Health Mate App. In addition to sleep tracking, Nokia sleep also looks at your snoring pattern and analyzes data to give you a daily sleep score.


Nokia sleep will be shipping at $99 in the first quarter of this year. The Nokia sleep integrates with popular home assistant, Amazon Alexa and automation app, IFTTT. With Alexa, you can request your sleep progress from the Health Mate App and control what happens in your room when you go to sleep with the help of IFTTT.

For example, you can set it up to turns off the light and room temperature reduces once you’re asleep or to open the blinds when you wake up while all of these smart home appliances are all connected to WiFi.

Nokia smart mattress pad is designed to be positioned on the side of the bed, at chest level, that way it is able to distinguish one’s body movement and also reports changes in the heart and respiratory rates.

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