Nokia Devices To Get Face Unlock Via OTA Update In Coming Months

We all know Face unlock(Facial recognition) has been the trend of 2018. This new technology which let users unlock their devices using the front-facing camera to capture faces has been seen on various devices ranging from the big tech companies to fast-growing ones.

Tech giant Apple, however, debuted Face ID with the iPhone X, which is a more advanced facial unlock mechanism. According to Apple, the Face ID uses a ‘TrueDepth’ camera setup, which blasts your face with more than 30,000 infrared dots and scans your face in 3D, making it harder to hack unlike the Face unlock tech on the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 which can be tricked using a picture.

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List Of Nokia Devices To Get Face Unlock Via OTA Update

In response to a question on Nokia’s official twitter handle, where someone wants to know whether or not Nokia 8 is designed to receive Face Unlock update. The tech company made it clear the Nokia 8, Nokia 6 and Nokia 7 will be getting Face Unlock tech in their coming update and also other variant of the listed devices.

According to reports, Nokia devices do not have a dedicated hardware for face detection. In this regard, the face unlock technology will depend on the device front camera along with software algorithms to carry out it operation.

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Also, Nokia didn’t specify when this update will begin to reach users but like it was stated in the tweet, we should expect the update “in coming months”.

We’re also expecting to see a dual-sim iPhone before the end of 2018 and some other new tech.

So, what do you think of the face unlock integration on Nokia devices? Tell us.

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