[MT6582-3.4.67] crDroid Custom ROM For Infinix Hot X507

crDroid ROM is yet another great Custom ROM for Infinix Hot X507. This ROM is a free AOSP / LineageOS Android based ROM, bringing a lot of custom features ported from AOSPA, SlimRoms, OmniRom and many others great ROMs out there. Unlike MIUI 9 ROM, crDroid brings what Android has of most advanced in terms of customization and stability!

crDroid V3.8.5 Custom ROM For Infinix Hot X507

crDroid gives your device a pixel look and feel, including all LineageOS 14.1 mods and features. The ROM has 15 New Quick Settings Tiles including Caffeine mode, Expanded Desktop and Sync. A new security feature “Quick PIN/Password Unlock” and default sounds from latest Nexus image. crDroid Custom ROM for Infinix Hot X507 brings a lot of stability and performance improvements and much more.


crDroid is a Lineage based ROM, which means it has Lineage 14.1 and additional features from its devs. The features of crDroid Custom firmware are listed below.


Network Traffic
SU icon toggle
Hide/Show icons
BatteryBar customization
Battery styles
Tap to Sleep
Clock styles
crDroid logo customization


Tiles customization
Brightness slider toggle
Optional brightness icon
Vibrate on Touch
WiFi easy toggle
Bluetooth easy toggle
Data easy toggle

Toggle navbar
PIE navigation
DUI – SmartBar / Fling Toggle Pulse – smart visualization
Power notification controls
Force expanded notifications
Toggle immersive mode messages


Screen shortcuts
Toggle long press for screen shortcuts
Swipe shortcuts
Media cover art
Tap to sleep
Toggle long press torch
Customize number of notifications
Toggle power menu for secure lock screen


Immersive Recents
Hidden apps
Toggle OmniSwitch as default Recents


Toggle screenshot sound
Live customization for a number of volume steps
Less frequent notification sounds


Clock Widget
Suggestions for Settings dashboard
Summaries in Settings
Auto-start music player on headset detection


Display: Expanded Desktop customization
Sound: Increasing Ringtone
12 New Quick Settings Tiles including Caffeine mode, Expanded Desktop and Sync.
Security: Quick PIN/Password Unlock
Default sounds from latest Nexus image.
OMS support.
Stability and performance improvements.

And many more


Custom ROM For Infinix Hot X507
Custom ROM For Infinix Hot X507
Custom ROM For Infinix Hot X507
Custom ROM For Infinix Hot X507

What’s Working:

  • Fm
  • RIL (Calling/SMS/Data) SIM1 AND SIM2
  • WIFI
  • GPS


- ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
- ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.67
- Based On: LineageOS
- Version Information
- Status: Stable
- Current Stable Version: 20180310

How to Flash crDroid Custom ROM For Infinix Hot X507

  1. Download crDroid Rom from the given link below
  2. Copy the downloaded ROM to the root of your SD Card
  3. Power off your device and boot into recovery mode
  4. In the recovery, wipe >> Dalvik art/Cache, Cache, Data, System
  5. Return to your recovery main menu and tap on install
  6. Locate the downloaded crDroid ROM and select
  7. Follow the on-screen prompt to proceed with flashing the new ROM
  8. Sit back and Wait for the installation to complete
  9. Reboot your device after successful installation of ROM
  10. Wait for your device to complete first boot.

Note: First boot after installation of a new custom ROM usually take 10-15 minutes, so don’t panic. If you like the ROM, don’t forget to use the share button.


- CrDroid
- LineAge os
- 4PDA
- Melek Saidani
- Manjunath Yashu(crossported from 3.10.108 kernel and fixed all bugs)
- Arie
- Swapnil
- Mudasiru Adewale (Porting to X507)
  1. The H+ signal always switches to E,this I’ve noticed in all the Nougat based roms I’ve found here…pls provide a fix as this makes browsing slow

      • I am not yet cleared o ogbeni adewale.
        1. Can I backup my former os 4.4, dalvik cache and data
        2. Can I switch back to it after backup
        3. My infinix is rooted, I hope it won’t affect it

        • Lol, Do you have a custom recovery installed?, if you don’t, download TWRP I already ported for the device. search for it in the search bar. However, if you already have a custom recovery, boot into recovery and backup your stock ROM to SD card then proceed with the flashing process. And yes, you can always switch back to your stock KitKat after.

  2. I don’t have a custom recovery.
    Do I need to do the bootload stuff before I can use twrp to recover my former os.
    If so, I don’t want to backup qgain. That process is making me feel like I will brick my device.
    What I am scared of is if this crdroid malfunctions, how will i get my former os because the way guys are complaining of google apps not working and so on, i can’t take the risk

  3. Can i use stock recovery to flash custom ROM or I need a custom recovery to do that.
    I have downloaded the twrp for infinix x507. How will i flash it. Can i use the official twrp app to flash it in

  4. I also downloaded the gapps arm 7.1nano. Will I be able to sign In to my google account?
    Is arm the right one for infinix x507 or arm 86, 64

    • Step 1- Download and install Mobileuncle tools app. Search Google for the apk file…

      Step 2- if the downloaded TWRP recovery file is named “recovery.img” then proceed to the next step. If the name is contrary to that,rename it to recovery.img.

      Step 3- Open mobileuncle tools and click on “recovery update” there you will find recovery.img on the top, select it. Press OK it will reboot your device into your required recovery. That’s it

  5. Can I flash custom rom and gapps together or one after the other.
    Will super su root my phone automatically after flashing crdroid ROM.

    I have asked a lot of questions. Please pardon me if I’m stressing you. If my phone gets bricked then i am done for. Different comnents are confusing me

  6. When I try to restore to former backup, I keep getting a 255 error stuff. I can not send messages on this crdroid rom and I want to restore my backup with twrp

    • Hi Drey, sorry you’re facing that error. The error is from the TWRP. Anyways. Open terminal in TWRP and do as follows;

      (enter exactly into terminal, if 999 ‘doesn’t exist’ move on to the next)
      cd /data/system/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/system_ce/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/system_de/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/misc/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/misc_ce/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/misc_de/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/user/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/user_ce/
      rm -r 999
      cd data/user_de/
      rm -r 999

      then restore your backup!

  7. It says not found in everything
    The last time I was trying to restore, it failed then I couldn’t boot into the rom again. I had to wipe system and data then flash the rom again.
    After doing all above, will I have to wipe current custom rom to restore or I will just do it with the rom still available

  8. there is some issues
    1- when the ram is almost full the phone will auto restart it will be great if you add auto kill to free some ram
    2- when i try to send message the sim network will reconnect that make the message freeze and it will not be sent
    3- the sim card contacts not showing up and there is no choice to make it appear then put the sim in another phone and copy it then paste it on phone
    i know that is too much but i also know that will make your custom rom perfect

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