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We all know Nova Launcher is closely based on AOSP Launcher and one the best alternatives to Google Pixel Launcher for those who love Pixel Launcher but still want extra customization features to make their device interface look good. With the release of Nova Launcher 6.0 beta-1, users will get a lot of improvement and some new customization options.

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Custom Android Launchers is one of the many features that differentiate the operating system from iOS. Unlike AOSP Launcher which is pretty simple and provides minimal features custom launchers offers a whole new experience, in terms of features and functionality. Smartphone manufacturers have now developed their own launchers which provide a whole lot of customization options and custom user interfaces.

Nova Launcher 6.0 Coming Soon

Nova Launcher developer Kevin Barry outlined a couple of new features coming to the final version of the Android Launcher on his Google+ profile a few days ago. However, users who want to try out these new features before the final Nova Launcher 6.0 release can opt-in for the beta version.

With the new update, users can make Nova Launcher look like Pixel Launcher and users no longer need the paid Nova Launcher Prime to resize icons, which is an improvement that many users have wanted for years. Users will now be able to increase or decrease icon size to their liking.


6.0-beta1 Aug 7, 2018

-Improved Settings menu layout: Dock options are now part of Desktop, more intuitive settings hierarchy, etc.
-Nova Settings are now searchable for faster parsing.
-More Adaptive Icon options available, including a new customizable shape.
-Option to automatically match folder and app drawer icon size to desktop.
-New window styles in folders: choose from windowed or immersive modes.
-Folder background shapes now share the same options as adaptive icons: Round, Squircle, etc.
-App drawer search bar can now be stylized like on the desktop.
-Search bar provider can now be set to Google or Nova Settings by default.
-Added vertical or horizontal scrolling options for folders.
-Icon resizing no longer requires Nova Prime.

For users who can’t wait to try out the new features before the final release of the launcher, you can sign up for Nova Launcher 6.0 beta here.

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